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Erasmus. Overall Strategy

Our Overall Strategy

For our center the Erasmus + project is an opportunity offered to our students to feel more part of a Europe that offers them new possibilities of learning and integration. The experience of the implementation of the Training module in Work Centers opens the possibility to our students not only of being formed in another environment but to understand and appreciate different values and cultures that are a recognition of diversity and a step towards Integration and tolerance.

This type of European projects is particularly interesting for us, not only for the issues that we work on, but also by the possibility of expanding the horizon of life of our students, opening up their minds, so they can see that the world is not just their neighborhood or their town.

This project gives them at least a sample of finding out that other nations can work together, communicate, have a great respect to each other and finally will give them a sense of being a part of a multicultural. We are really devoted to encourage our students to be more eager to learn and have interest and feel respect for other cultures.


Our primary strategy when deciding which companies will be part of our program is based on the information elaborated from previous contacts with companies which there has been a previous talk about aspects and contents of a training program based on the activities and competences adecuated to our computer cycles.

The program of activities to be developed will be agreed between the Erasmus coordinator and the person responsible for the destination work center. It will be about reflect those training activities that ensure the achievement of the learning objectives. In the last case, election of the company also can take into account the profile of the student.

Geographical area

The geographic areas to choose from can be established primarily by proximity and suitability with the objectives reflected in the proposed training program. In that sense a priority area would be Portugal because of its proximity and its possibilities of cross-border collaboration.

However, they would also be training in other European countries such as England, Ireland, France or other with wich we can formalize a collaboration agreement.

More important objectives and target groups for mobility activities. 

By means of the implementation of the module of practices of formation outside its country our school center has marked the objective to facilitate the formation of our students, offering a unique opportunity to acquire a high qualification and not only professional skills in a different productive environment but also the necessary motivation for their integration in member countries of the European Union as citizens committed to values ??of solidarity and tolerance towards other cultures.

The target group of these actions will be composed by second year students selected among out 8 groups of Vocational Training. These students must have the appropiate skill of the language of the country where they will carry out their mobilities.